TPLF Spokesman and 2 Other Breaking Information


The person has no disgrace at all. He even challenges discussing persecuted Promos. On the off chance that there was persecution against the Promos, it was completed during TLF 27 years rule. All things considered, on top of their showdown with the Adhara, it was the oppression of the Oromo, that turned out to be the last bit of trouble that will be tolerated that crushed the camel's spirit, the development that brought down them out of force and constrained them to squat in Makale. Their present destruction was driven primarily by the Oromo Generals, as Bethany July and Baha Dembélé. What is he discussing? Promos do surely understand and recall how the PLF dealt with them. As indicated by Say Abraham, the previous PLF armed force pioneer's record, Romina (the language of the Promos) during the PLF rule had become the most widely used language of the jail. On second January 2021, many Promos all through Roma rioted to help Dr Abiy, to denounce the criminal PLF and its substitute OLF Shane, which was prepared, furnished, and financed by the PLF, to topple the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. Does that appear as though the Promos are as of now abused by one of their own? 


He had said a ton regarding President Isaiah Fewer. I would prefer not to remark about Eritrea and its leader, since it is an autonomous state now. It is not my issue to worry about. All I might want to tell this sworn adversary of my nation is, to remove off his filthy hands from my nation's undertakings, Ethiopia.

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