Partially dead girl! sad story of the kid


Meet perhaps the strongest life structures on earth — tardigrades. Tardigrades are eight-legged miniature creatures that can flourish pretty much anyplace in the world, from ice, remote ocean channels to peaks — significantly in space. "When confronted with outrageous conditions, tardigrades can dry out totally, supplanting nearly of the water in their bodies with a sugar called treatise," Maeve McDermott wrote in a National Geographic blog. "Accordingly, they're ready to endure conditions that would somehow kill them." 


This odd-looking ocean animal is known as the troll shark. Albeit the shark seems, by all accounts, to be the stuff of bad dreams, people have very little to fear. The troll shark is once in a while seen, as it stays close to the lower part of the sea. In May, the Australian Museum got the shark from an angler who erroneously got the animal. "The historical center is considering the shark the 'Outsider of the Deep' since it chases to go after the sea depths, down somewhere in the range of 984 to 2,952 feet (300 to 900 meters) underneath the outside of the water," NBC News announced.

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