Top 5 Ethiopian Artist


Sotheby's is satisfied to introduce three works by Women Work Korea (brought into the world 1950), an understudy of 'Sounder' Boghossian's at Howard University. The structure squares of Women's acrylic works are entwining and interlocking letters from the antiquated Ge'EZ letter set, utilized as the reason for a few current dialects in Ethiopia and Eritrea including Amharic and Virginia. 


Women, who has lived in California for the greater part of his life, joins ordinary exercises, for example, espresso drinking and card playing around the planet, with his own recollections of Addis Ababa and regular day-to-day existence in Berkeley. Espresso The Ethiopian Ceremony communicates an antiquated convention integral to individuals across Ethiopia and Eritrea. To take an interest in an espresso function can require a few hours, during which time dear companions share life issues, associates talk, or friendliness is reached out to outsiders. Along these lines, espresso rises above spot. 


Woman has shown globally at London's Whitechapel Gallery, the National Museum of African Art of the Smithsonian, the Fowler Museum at UCLA, the Shariah Museum, the Newark Museum and the National Museum of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.

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