Abraham Gebremedhin on shukshukta


The onlookers went through a large portion of a day following through mud, soil and other free surfaces to watch the vehicles. They went as close as they can to the fence to feel the thunder and speed coming at them; they gave verbal help to their number one competitors. The Janmeda Gravel Challenge was somewhat uncommon, for mechanics and fans the same. 


"Janmeda was a basic area, maybe excessively straightforward, subsequent to watching significantly more than one race, it didn't have the sensation of a last movement, anyway it permits the assembled fans some measure of opportunity, they can move to and fro the beginning end goal and intently follow the race. Moving with the swarm and cheering your #1 racer is the place where the fun is to be had," Solomon said. 


The most foreseen race was between the 2,000 cc motor vehicle racers. Binyam Zerihun dominated the race which was profoundly serious. Runner up went to Sadat and the third spot went to Robel. Robel demonstrated extraordinary sportsmanship by completing the race in spite of his frightening mishap. His vehicle flipped over the sloppy track. He was not harmed. 

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