The reason why ethiopian airlines still flying to china


Masterminded relationships are as yet regular in parts of Ethiopia like Amhara and Tigray. Virginity of the lady is particularly refreshing, particularly in-country networks. Family endorsement of the marriage is still important. It is likewise important that a lady of the hour and man of the hour are not blood-related in five generations."Telosh" is a customary Ethiopian occasion held two days before the wedding. A man of the hour and his relatives carry different presents to a lady of the hour. These presents incorporate a wedding dress and additionally adornments. Others accumulated there can likewise give some presents. In the morning of the big day, both ladies of the hour and lucky man prepare for the wedding. The lucky man and his best man touch base to the lady's home. When they arrive they hear a customary tune as indicated by which no outsider is permitted to go into the house. Following a couple of minutes of kind words by the man of the hour, he is permitted to get in. He then gives his lady of the hour a few blooms. She acknowledges them and kisses her future spouse. The couple at that point strolls to their vehicle. Others enter their vehicles as well. They drive to some pleasant spot where various photos are made. In some Ethiopian towns at 6.00 a.m., a man of the hour takes his lady of the hour to the wedding service on a donkey. As rule vehicles are utilized.

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