Information about Students Killed


The TLF was shaped in 1975 when a huge number of individuals across Africa and the Middle East were requesting unrest and freedom. Among those in Ethiopia calling for both were twelve youngsters from the hilly northern area of Ti gray. Roused by Marxist-Leninism, a significant feeling of public character, and the idealistic mottos of the time, they envisioned an exciting modern lifestyle for their country. 


Just a year sooner, Haile Selassie, the last ruler of Ethiopia, had been ousted and killed by hardliner Marxist armed force officials, who quickly set about overwhelming a brutal tyrant rule. In Ti gray, there had for some time been disdain at the force of the brought together Ethiopian state. Many recalled the Tirana furnished revolt of 1943, which had been severely put down. This time, the PLF pioneers pledged, they would win. 


Through the last part of the 1970s the PLF developed consistently. By 1978 the gathering had around 2,000 contenders, as per CIA gauges at that point. After two years it could assemble twice as many, the office said. 


Among them was Depression Gebremichael, who was then a remote administrator and proselytizer for the radicals and is currently the gathering's chief.

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