Government responds unexpectedly


Grebe Quay: as of late as most likely a week ago or somewhere in the vicinity, said on his twitter, Jews are just 9 million, but then they rule the world, which now a solitary Jew individual cases that affirmation, aside from the epileptic psyche of a PLF part and recipients, and no one accepts what this person had stated, as it is an altogether lie manufactured from the epileptic brain of a TPL part to cook TPL dazzle supporters to remain with TPL until the finish of TPL internment. The world is neither administered by the Jews nor it is managed by some other specific human species. Simply envision how TPL individuals thinks, simply dive deep in to their cerebrum and see what the pictures of the rest of the world look like in their mind? How truth is put and deciphered in it? What picture they make when they see Ethiopia, Ethiopians, and Ti gray and an individual from Ti gray?

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