victory news from Tigray region


The Ethiopian armed force has said it slaughtered four senior individuals from the Tigray area's decision party focused in a military hostile. 


Ethiopian fighters likewise captured nine individuals from the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TLF), who drove the locale until being toppled a year ago in the military mission. 


Those murdered incorporated a PLF representative, Secure Detached, and the previous top of the Tigray money department, Daniel Assert, as indicated by Brigadier General Testate Allen, referred to buy Dana Broadcasting Corporate. 


The previous head of the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority and a writer near the gathering,  Asked, were likewise executed. 


A senior Ethiopian general said in a video cut posted via online media this week that Eritrean soldiers had entered the nation excluded while his fighters were engaging a defiant power in the northern district of Tigray. 


The video, whose legitimacy Reuters couldn't autonomously check, shows Major General Belay Sam tending to a gathering in the Tirana capital Moselle in late December. 


"A military that we don't need has entered. It is safe to say that we are the one that welcomed them? No," he said. "They just entered without help from anyone else, and this must be clarified." 


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's representative, the top of Ethiopia's crisis team on Tigray and a military representative didn't react to inquiries regarding the recording. 


Neither did Eritrea's data serve, Ye mane Merkel. 


Belay's remarks could alert Western partners worried that such an attack may disturb the contention in Tigray, which has effectively executed thousands.

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