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After 27 years, the sister and brother met

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Eritrea claims Ethiopia propelled air strikes against Eritrea's capital Asmara while Ethiopia blamed Eritrea for striking first.

The battling prompted immense interior removal in the two nations as regular folks fled the combat area. The contention finished in stalemate and sending of UNMEE

Following freedom, the two neighbors differ over cash and exchange issues, and both made a case for a few fringe areas including Badme, Tsorona-Zalambessa, and Bure.

By and by, since the two governments were close partners they consented to set up a commission to investigate their regular fringe and contested spots. Since mid-1991 they had consented to set up a commission to investigate every others' cases.

Of specific issue was the fringe through the Badme Plain. Because of the Treaty of 1902, the Badme Plain is cut up by the fringe which keeps running in a straight line between the Gash and Setit (Tekezé) Rivers.

The improvement of the war: On 6 May 1998, a couple of Eritrean officers entered the Badme district, a marginal zone, along the fringe of Eritrea and Ethiopia's northern Tigray Region, bringing about a flame battle between the Eritrean fighters and the Tigrayan volunteer army and security police they experienced.

Is the T-TPLF leading a type of disinformation crusade, running a detailed round of duplicity, I wonder? Maybe the T-TPLF is playing out a Sun Tzu stratagem: "Seem feeble when you are solid, and solid when you are frail." Pretend to your adversary you are terrified _ _tless when you are cruising at the pinnacle of your capacity?

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