Dr. Dagnachew about the government measurement


Therefore, we categorically reject this unrealistic call, decided to reinstate our original designation of “Southwest Ethiopia Indigenous Peoples Movement” (SWE-IPM) from party to the indigenous people’s movement. Since its formation in 2011 the SWE-IPM has been the leading advocate for the whole Southwestern Ethiopia Indigenous Peoples that vigorously addresses the grand human rights abuses facing the indigenous population in the Southwest, Ethiopia. As we amend the name, the SWE-IPM will adhere to its original vision and mission and as always committed itself to address the insecurity caused by the Ethiopian government, marginalization, extinction measures including ethnic cleansing conflicts and mass killings, land grabs, underdevelopment, and lack of justice and freedom of the indigenous populations in their ancestors’ lands.


At this point, our message to all fellow indigenous peoples of Southwestern Ethiopia is that your future is in danger. We must unite and work together for our freedom. We must recognize and embrace new challenges, obstacles, hopes and opportunities for our path of movement toward freedom and true democracy and equality may be long and painful. Nevertheless, through perseverance, we will get there. Today let it be known as the day of unity, hope and mutual understanding for the new chapter in the history of the Southwest Ethiopia Indigenous Peoples Movement (SWE-IPM). We must reject the deceitful call for return of exile politicians. 

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