Good News Amhara Region


The people, gatherings or associations who battled for raising the current (change creators) had been side-lined, overlooked and turned out to be even casualties. The current initiative, who came to control by the floods of Oromo battles, became foes to the change creators. In opposition to the genuine certainty, the change producers are considered by the administration as obstructions and hostile to change plan. 


Today the Oromo individuals who brought this change through overwhelming penance of their lives and livings not the only one disallowed from getting advantage of the change yet additionally their wellbeing and security is in peril on consistent schedule. As of now, the lives and day to day environments of the Oromo individuals became in most extreme peril than past system. The entire Western and Southern locales of Oromia are under military Command posts for more than most recent nine months. The Oromo individuals in these districts are enduring under forceful military standard that incorporates slaughtering, capturing, abusing, assaulting, physical and mental tormenting and taking their private properties by the Ethiopia's Defense power.

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