What happen on Sodere


It is the place the ideological group pioneers, and some senior political pioneers of the Oromo, meet up to harp on significant issues that worry our territorial state just as the central government. We talk about security, how to guarantee rivalry and on how exercises of our ideological groups don't risk security. Along these lines, we talk about on how issues of arrangement, issues of political decision and different issues of our inclinations are safeguarded and secured. The committee is led by Prime Minister Ably Ahmed, and executives of the entirety of the gatherings do go to it, myself and other persuasive characters, for example, Bench Leta, Galas Bilbo, Lima Negro likewise go to it. The gatherings are very gainful. As of now we are concentrating principally on issues of security, on issues of contention in the western piece of the nation just as a portion of the dangers. We talk about the inner issues of the Promos and Uremia just as our association with various networks. For instance, organizing the ongoing gathering among Adhara and Promos elites is a result of these conversations. We meet like clockwork or somewhere in the vicinity, and it will proceed. In the long run, it will positively affect the political decision. Be that as it may, it's anything but an alliance. It is imperative to separate. It's anything but an alliance where 'Gaaddisaa' turns into an umbrella for a political race. No. It is a gathering, a shut conversation discussion, where the key players meet up to talk about, discussion and arrange their activities to boost security just as political addition.

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