public demonstration to be held in Addis


In the event that the government is occupied with different issues, we are more than prepared to ensure regular citizens as most of individuals being murdered are ethnic Amhara," he expressed to the local Amhara Mass Media Agency. 


This was stressing for some eyewitnesses who said that local police powers are set up dependent on the constitution to ensure residents and guarantee harmony and security in their particular districts. Those sharing this view are unyielding that police powers can't participate in security matters of different areas. 


As indicated by article 52 of the Ethiopian Constitution, local governments have the force "to build up and regulate a state police power, and to keep everything under control and harmony inside the State." 


It appears to be that this is additionally a focal point of gravity inside the government. While introducing her Ministry's three months execution report to the House of People's Representatives (HPR), the Minister of Peace, Muferyat Kamil said the House ought to set up a lawful structure for government territorial uncommon powers as they are unlawful. 

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