What happen to the celbrties and pastor Cherenet Belay


Meet with serve Cherenet Belay. A huge opening of the current instructive arrangement is its weakness to make an ethically strong age, inadequacy in science and advancement points, nonattendance of local data in the instructive program, aptitude perplex among preparing and work markets, mechanized obliviousness, and nonappearance of capacity, among others. Various assessments were coordinated before the examination.


The new instructive arrangement similarly joins two years of kindergarten guidance. Ethiopia had no instructive arrangement for KG. Preparing is free until grade eight, and the family has the commitment to send young people to school. Whether or not we make the best tutoring instructive program, it can't win without quality educators. So we closed fundamental tutoring should be told by first degree-holding teachers, while discretionary preparing by master holders. We organized an instructive program both for understudies, and instructors. The new instructive arrangement was finished up two years earlier. Then, the plan is prepared for all of the 21 subjects given from grade one to twelve.

The secret of Resurrection is about the everlasting existence of people. We will revive later we bite the dust as Christ did which will occur at the second happening to Christ. "In any case, Christ has been raised from the dead, the primary products of the individuals who have nodded off. For since death got through a man, the revival of the dead comes likewise through a man. For as in Adam all bite the dust, so in Christ, all will be made alive once more." (first Corinthians 15:20)

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