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Radical ethnic Oromo patriots have re-propelled Oromo fight battle as Jawar Mohammed, who was among the pioneers of Oromo Protest I is imprisoned over the executing of a cop, and conceivable contribution in the death of the vocalist, Hachalu Hundessa. 


Be that as it may, the crusade is confined as "equity for Hachalu Hundessa," and "discharge political detainees. Then again, it was accepted that Hachalu Hundessa was slaughtered by "Neftegna" (a code name for ethnic Amhara speakers) with no evidence. 


A couple of days before his killing, Hachalu showed up on Oromia Media Network (OMN), whose proprietor was supposed to be Jawar Mohammed, and discussed Emperor Menelik inside the setting of "neftegna story." 


At the point when he was killed at night on June 29 in the capital Addis Ababa, ethnic Oromo radical patriots surrounded the grievous occurrence as the working of "neftegna," through absurd and prompting online networking messages in under an hour after the news was affirmed. In this manner, well more than 200 blameless ethnic Amhara, among others, living in Oromo locale of Ethiopia were viciously slaughtered. 


A portion of the individuals who are in the Diaspora transparently required a slaughter on Ethnic Amhara.

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