Emama zinash funny video


Not long before the 2005 political race, Lieu's EDP, Hail Shawl's, All Ethiopian Unity Party, and Professor Mes fin Weldemariam Dr Bethany Mega's, Best Demean, framed with a lot of flourishes the now old Knit. Hail Shawl was made the pioneer in spite of the fact that Lieu was considerably more well known among the people than the two senior residents set up. The educators and specialists inside Knit couldn't coordinate him in the complexities of governmental issues regardless of that reality that he was a removed second as far as his instructive foundation. Right now Bidet is doing his post graduate examinations at the School of Oriental and African Studies which is a piece of the London University. 


When the 2005 political race, extreme dealings were occurring between the three gatherings concerning the transformation of Kinship into a solitary gathering

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