New information about Amhara region


Goodness! Take a gander at that! Indeed, even William Shakespeare didn't give himself a high respect to himself. Others who read and liked his work and gave him. Productive essayist, eh? My comprehension of a productive essayist is one who produces a productive, even, impartial, irrefutable and enthralling piece to peruse. Do we get that from Yosief Ghbrehiwet? Actually no, not, actually. 


Yosef Ghebrehiwet is fixated on Ethiopia's ruin. He can't expound enough on his own deep longing to see Ethiopia come up short, but then he is certifiably not an Ethiopian as confirmed from his own record above in citation. As far as he might be concerned, the disappointment of Ethiopia brings him considerably more joy than the achievement of Eritrea. What's going on with this man? 


The essayist sets up himself as a sane individual, from which he dispatches his assault on Ethiopia Then promptly goes into his endless unconfirmed allegations of Ethiopia. As far as he might be concerned, Ethiopia is simply "wrong". Presently he has dropped out with his President, Isaiah Artworks, and he groans about him as well. 


The essayist, Yousief Ghebrehiwet, doesn't have any desire to make reference to at all the 27-year Tigray Peoples' Liberation Front (TPLF) merciless organization of Ethiopia, where such countless individuals were executed in imprisonment, mutilated, ladies assaulted in jail, even men sodomized, unheard before throughout the entire existence of the country. Assault appears to be the public game of the TPLF. On November 2019 a staff journalist of Zega.com revealed how the ladies in Tigray rampaged to dissent the far-reaching of assault by the TPLF authorities. Indeed, even today, they are completing a similar wrongdoing, wearing Eritrean troopers' uniform which they created at Almeda Textile processing plant prior to running away from the area, and fault on Eritrea. As of late, numerous such outfits were found in the neglected production line. Presently with regards to the new occasion that set off fight, Mr Ghebrehiwet is quiet about the weakness butchering of Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF), Northern Division, positioned there for very nearly 20 years to shield individuals of Tigray from conceivable Eritrean hostility in the post May 1998 to June 2000 conflict. The assault on the END was accounted for by the BBC[ii] , denounced by the Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Tabor P Nagy and US Ambassador to Ethiopia Michael A Raynor and US Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo however defended simply by Gesture Detached[iii], the PLF representative what himself's identity was slaughtered on 07 January declining to give up, and is by all accounts acknowledged by the essayist as a legitimate demonstration. 


Hassan Melissa of Oregon University puts it unmistakably on FP of 19 November 2020, only fourteen days after struggle began, how the PLF predominant control had dozed out of its hand following 27 years in the driving seat, and depended on viciousness to recover to recapture it which raised its Judgment day as follows:

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