“I am not there” Lemma Megersa response


Ethiopia has a government framework with 10 areas and in the previous week the contention in Tigray has attracted provincial powers around the nation as they send to help the bureaucratic military. 


Battling emitted in November between the locale's decision Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) and the military. After three weeks, the public authority proclaimed triumph when it held onto the territorial capital Mekelle, yet the TPLF continued battling. 


Toward the finish of June, the TPLF retook Mekelle and the majority of Tigray after the public authority pulled out officers and announced a one-sided truce. 


The overflow of the conflict into another piece of Africa's second most crowded country might heap more tension on Abiy. 


He won the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize yet is confronting global analysis over the contention in the midst of reports of monstrosities submitted by government powers and troops from adjoining Eritrea who have battled close by them. His administration says it is exploring such reports. 


The TPLF ruled Ethiopia for quite a long time as the most grounded power in a multi-ethnic alliance, until Abiy took power two years prior. They say they were constrained into struggle after endeavors to intervene with Abiy and guarantee their district's self-governance in accordance with the constitution separated. 


The public authority assigned the TPLF a psychological militant association in May.TPLF pioneers have said they will continue to battle until they recapture control of a questioned area in the south and west of Tigray, which was seized during the battling by the public authority's partners from Amhara district. 


On Sunday, Abiy said the Ethiopian military was ready to overcome Tigrayan powers. 


Powers from Amhara locale, which has a boundary question with Tigray, have been supporting the military since the start of the contention. On Friday, three different districts said that they were sending powers to help the military.

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