Message from Jalmero


In the post Sidama choice, things are not as blushing as they appeared for Sidama radicals. The ethnic business visionaries anticipated a smooth ride after the submission. They anticipated that cash should spill out of the national government, in millions, if not in the billions. They thought everything in Awassa would be heavily influenced by them. Their inclination to celebrate before the individuals whom they consider as the foe was banned by the administration, as it should be. As per my sources, quarreling and double-crossing have been going between the various gatherings, each guaranteeing obligation regarding the result of the vote. By righteousness of their illicit situation in Awassa, the hooligans are holding the occupants of Awassa prisoners. They will not give taxpayer driven organizations except if they get fixes, assault the non-Sidama inhabitants utilizing their administration positions. Awassa has become a city where a couple of supremacist hooligans do anything they desire without risk of punishment.

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