Tplf spokes person Getachew reda on tmh



ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia is found in another page of history reestablishing estimations of solidarity among its residents and building a vote based framework however some Junta clubs have been continuing dispersing disinformation. 


Previous Defense Minister Motumma Mekassa revealed to The Ethiopian Herald that Junta's gatherings locally and abroad are being occupied with scattering disinformation. 


He said some Junta's gatherings have been participating in misleading the worldwide local area in a coordinated style to hurt the solidarity of Ethiopia and malign the continuous change progress. 


What's going on in this nation is promising and the law requirement activity has been vital in building public limit and solidifying residents' solidarity like never before previously. 


The Juntas gathering's dropping fake tears is inescapable as they have consistently been thinking their force, not the Tigray public. They were simply caught by some unacceptable presumption and self-assessment they have created about themselves. 


The law authorization activity is instrumental in bracing harmony adoring residents' solidarity subsequently guaranteeing thriving, harmony and quietness, as well. 


"The evil aims that had been taught in the personalities of TPLF Junta and their factions pronouncing the obliteration of Ethiopia would cause grave harm if the brains of some unacceptable deeds were not destroyed," he believed. 


He further noticed that: "The distress and inner removals we have been seeing in different pieces of the country are presently getting dwindled observing the law implementation activity as many have drawn exercises from the quick destruction of the junta."

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