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America's worldwide and one of its most significant brands on the planet, has been in hot waters since the accidents. 


"The awful crashes of Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 uncovered false and misleading behavior by workers of one of the world's driving business plane producers," said Acting Assistant Attorney General David P. Consumes of the Justice Department's Criminal Division. 


"Boeing's representatives picked the way of benefit over genuineness by hiding material data from the FAA concerning the activity of its 737 Max plane and taking part with an end goal to conceal their trickery. This goal considers Boeing responsible for its representatives' criminal wrongdoing, delivers the monetary effect on Boeing's carrier clients, and ideally gives some proportion of remuneration to the accident casualties' families and recipients," he added. 


The Ethiopian fly smashed under six minutes after take-off with 149 travelers and eight team individuals ready. On board were various residents from Kenya, Canada, America, Great Britain and Ethiopia. 


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