The response Getachew Reda


Ethiopian Federal police told decided at the Federal First Instance Court, Armada Branch, that they were exploring three senior authorities of TLF and two drivers confined with them for passing grouped materials to psychological militants, and aim to impel savagery, guard legal counselor Adele G/Medina disclosed to Add Standard. 


Two of the senior PLF authorities are Twelve G/Taiwan, T PLF Central Committee part and top of the gathering's Adds ABBA department, and Salem Diego, Director of Federal Legal and Justice Research Institute with the position of state pastor, and previous PLF Central Committee part. They were captured on July 09 from Adds ABBA alongside two drivers of the Research Institute (Brian and Erin), followed in the blink of an eye by the capture of I sub city security department head and a representative of Information Network Security Agency (INSA).

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