The untold story about Mililk by Jawar


The Oromo is the single biggest ethnic  national gathering in upper East Africa. In Ethiopia alone they are assessed to be 50 million out of an absolute populace of 100 million. There are additionally Oromo people group living in Kenya and Somalia. 


Ethiopia is said to have around 80 ethnic national gatherings. The Oromo speak to 34.4% while the Adhara (Asmara) 27%. The rest are for the most part under 7% each. 


The Oromo consider themselves a country. They have named their country "Oromia", a territory covering 284,538 square km. It is viewed as the most extravagant region of upper East Africa on account of its horticultural and normal assets. It is frequently alluded to as the "breadbasket" of the area. 60% of Ethiopian financial assets are produced from Oromia.

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