Police released video of suspect linked to Haymanot Bedada death


Addis Ababa Police Commission on Friday discharged data about the personality of the man who is said to have killed Haymanot Bedada on May 25 at Tikur Anbessa Hospital Health College research center room.

Despite the fact that the presume was everywhere not long after carrying out the wrongdoing, the criminal examination directorate facilitated with National Security and Information Services, and the police Commission wrongdoing unit, and caught the suspect in a day and a half, said Mengistu Tadesse who is Deputy examiner of manslaughter examination unit.

As indicated by the police report, which is shared on Addis Ababa Police Commission's web-based social networking page, the suspect said that he had rehashed access to Tikur Anbessa Hospital and skirted security checkpoints with a minor case that he has an examination venture. The announcement didn't, in any case, say concerning how often the presume was offered access to the medical clinic. The police report likewise said the suspect was just a twelfth grader. It didn't unveil the name of the suspect as well. In any case, the state media – Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) – provided details regarding Friday that the name of the suspect is Degnet Worku , in his twenties.

Another point the suspect is said to have said is that "He never knew her [the victim]." Upon realizing that she was distant from everyone else in the research center room, he stated, he attempted to burglarize her by taking steps to slaughter her however in the resulting development she opposed him, and he murdered her.

Police have discharged a picture of the blade with which he murdered her (it isn't shared as it is excessively realistic with the bloodstain and the size of the blade)

A 5,000 Ethiopian birr check, which was written for the sake of the person in question, is one of the things he took in the wake of submitting the homicide – as indicated by the police. What did he do with it? Police said he got the money for it and it was not hard by any stretch of the imagination. He "persuaded a Bajaj driver, Endalemaw Tarekegne, to money the check saying he would not like to go inside the bank in view of COVID 19." The presume marked on it claiming to be Haymanot Bedada, his casualty. The exchange was finished at Kachama Branch of Awash Bank, police said.

Nonetheless, the police report is activating a greater number of inquiries as opposed to addressing the inquiries that were waiting in the brains of the individuals who are stunned by the disaster - who slaughtered Haymanot and why?

The data that police shared on Facebook has shared a great many occasions and a large number of remarks are given. Some called attention to a disparity of date in the picture of a check which was marked by the killer. Others question how somebody could execute a youngster who was concentrating in a research center just to loot a check worth $145 and a mobile phone. All things considered, others question how the homicide figured out how to get inside Tikur Anbesa Hospital with a kitchen blade when there is a checkpoint at the passageway.

Police accept, as demonstrated in the report, the remiss checkpoint at the passageway of the emergency clinic got due to COVID 19 and mal-working surveillance cameras are the makes that drove the wrongdoing. In light of the EBC report, apparently the surveillance camera was not refreshed on the day he killed Haymant. It is hazy if police grilled a staff from the security division responsible for the cameras. Then again, EBC detailed that police cross examined 12 people who are supposed to be near the person in question.

What is clear founded on remarks given under police update, a huge number of Ethiopians are distrustful of police clarification of the homicide. Many appear to see that there is more into this homicide and that police must burrow further.

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