Rat Worship Religion In India


Denote is a little, dusty town on the edges of the Great Indian Desert, halfway between New Delhi and India's western line. In a place where there is staggering landmarks, it may show up disappointing, however once you draw nearer the faculties go to work. Furthermore, by a wide margin its most unusual site must be Kari Maya—the sanctuary of rodents. 


The rodents here, somewhere in the range of 20,000 as indicated by legend and local people, are supposed to be the natural portrayals of Kari Maya—a fifteenth century sage and healer who vanished close to denote at 151 years old. Kari Maya was respected for her liberality, kindness, and otherworldly powers. And keeping in mind that there are an assortment of stories concerning how the mass of rodents came to live here, all close with the goddess resurrecting a human spirit as a rodent. 


Inside the sanctuary, the floor creeps and hops. Touchy first-time guests explore floats of hide, which cover the marble underneath. The started advance toward a sanctum at the focal point of the sanctuary, where they make contributions to the many rodents rushing around the foot of a silver sculpture of Kari Mat.

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