Another protest in Tigray


Let’s play the devil’s advocate and take these Adhara nationalists at their own word. One of the prime reasons why ADP and Nam have gained support is reportedly due to the persecution of Amharic speakers nationwide.

So, ADP and AMA claim that they can protect Adhara people from these problems. AMA has even opened up new branches outside Adhara, in Addis Ababa and other cities, where Amharic speakers reside. Despite their critics blaming the rise in Adhara tribalism for causing more death and displacement to Amharic speakers living outside “Adhara state,” Nam and ADP are still winning many hearts and minds.

Adhara's identity protests in Tolkien, Merkel and Maya are some examples of Adhara nationalists demanding their rights outside Adhara. Accordingly, many Adhara nationalists have been applying a ‘holier than thou’ approach when it comes to the current Ethiopian constitution.

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