Dr. Abiy Ahmed voices about murder trial


After the aftereffect of the choice was declared, things have not worked out in a good way for the Jicama ethnic business people. To state they are confounded and in chaos is putting it mildly. 


By goodness of their illicit situation in Agassi, the hooligans are holding the occupants of Agassi prisoners. They won't give taxpayer driven organizations except if they get fixes, assault the non-Sidama inhabitants utilizing their administration positions. AWACS has become a city where a couple of supremacist hooligans do anything they desire without risk of punishment. 


In the post Jicama submission, things are not as blushing as they appeared for SIDA radicals. The ethnic business people anticipated a smooth ride after the submission. They anticipated that cash should spill out of the government, in millions, if not in the billions. They thought everything in AWACS would be heavily influenced by them.

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