Amazing speech by Ymaneh


After weighty battling between the partnered territorial powers of the END and the Ti gray as of late, Mare, Tibet and Maykinetal (40 km from Ada) have been reclaimed by the Ti gray powers. The fight endured four days. As per neighborhood sources, 2000 Eritrean troopers were slaughtered in the fight. News affirmed by other EPA sources. 


The Virginia Defense Forces all the while dispatched a progression of offensives and caught different recently lost positions. The territory of ​​the Wei'I stream among Serbian and Nadir Aden, the city of Tibet, and different zones toward the north. The representative for the territorial powers of Ti gray, Gere Gebrestadik, told the German media that nearby the city of Get against the eleventh and 32nd division of the government END which occurred on February 14, 1579, administrative warriors were murdered, 500 injured and 104 caught. Along with them, the high authority of the division, Lieutenant Colonel Abbas, was murdered.

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