What happen in Jimama University


Ethiopian Airlines' choice to keep working non-stop flights to China in the midst of the intensifying coronavirus episode takes steps to disintegrate the carrier's hard won image value. While 59 different bearers from 44 unique nations have all grounded their flights to China, Ethiopian Airlines demands that it will follow mandates from the World Health Organization and until it is regarded hazardous by the universal body, the aircraft will proceed with its day by day flight calendar to/from China. 


Their choice to continue traveling to China is inciting an inexorably harmful reaction on the web and in the Ethiopian press. The organization's Twitter page is overwhelmed with requests from African clients for the carrier to change course. "This choice is foolish as it put whole African mainland in danger," said Zimbabwean business visionary Kelvin Mupungu, including that risk presented by the proceeded with flights jeopardizes the whole landmass since "most African travel by means of Ethiopia."

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