sad story of a mother


Famir Girma won the 1,000-cc race, while Semir Ahmed won the 1,300-cc race. Bisrat Workneh won the 1,600-cc race. 


"Wellbeing was the principle issue in the occasion, aside from the on location Ambulance and Fire Truck, we took a standard security measures from the FIA (Federation Internationale de I'Automobile). The administrators checked Roll Bars, Suspensions, and Safety Belts with examination," Mebrahetu said. 


The energy hustling brings to certain individuals can carry repulsiveness to other people. However, Mebrahetu contends "most imagine that racers have passing wishes, on the off chance that I crash driving 60-80 km for each hour and someone else has a mishap driving 40-50 km for every hour, I don't think about the endurance pace of the other individual yet with the wellbeing estimates we have; I realize I will endure the accident. The game isn't an executioner. It improves one's driving range of abilities." 

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