Ato Lidetu was suspended


Fundamental suspects of these chilling charges are for the most part drawn from the nation's top government operative office, the National Intelligence and Security Service (ISS – both for bureaucratic and provincial states), and jail police. Top in this rundown is Years Erin, previous delegate head of ISS and Commissioner General of the government police commission, the later a spell which endured from April 19 to June 06/2018. The Year was designated to lead the government police by PM Abiy Ahmed during his first bureau reshuffle in April however surrendered in June referring to weakness. In spite of the fact that the best the rundown, Ward was secured on Thursday Nov. 15 in what the police said was a lodging in Duke, 30 km south of Adds ABBA while attempting to get away. 


The quantity of suspects in this class at this point remains at 37. Yet, the AG inferred this number could develop once those on the run and the individuals who have escaped the nation are captured. 


At the core of the examinations concerning enormous defilement is the state claimed Metals and Engineering Corporation (Meter), which was first set up in 2010 and took gigantic stakes in the development of Ethiopia's multi-billion dollar state possessed Uber projects including the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, ten sugar production lines, and a compost plant. The AG charge Mete authorities that somewhere in the range of 2012 and 2018 just they have made global acquisition worth 37 billion brr (around US$2 billion) without appropriate delicate where family members of the Mete authorities and those inside their organizations showed up as the greater players while the activities it took confronted phenomenal postponements. 


Major among this outrage are the buy by Meter of two obsolete boats from the Ethiopian Shipping Lines (presently renamed Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise) and many old airplanes which were utilized for private purposes among the previous authorities, including its CEO Major General Knife Agnew. One of these airplane has now evaporated, with it's whereabouts suspected to be in Egypt. 


The Botch of assets and debasement inside Meter was an objective of a progression of detailing by the free Waze Radio, an Amharic webcast set up by ousted Ethiopian writers, in the weeks going before the AG's crackdown. In any case, a concurrent arrival of two hours narrative by significant state possessed transmission media, including the public telecaster, ETV, portraying a portion of the significant wrongdoings inside MET EC has left Ethiopians in stun, regardless of bringing up moral issues on the assumption of guilelessness until demonstrated liable. 




The 63 presumes who were captured during the few days of November 09 have all showed up at the government high court tenth criminal seat in the capital Adds ABBA for a pre-preliminary hearing on Monday, November 12 which went on until 9 PM neighborhood time. The court has denied all speculates the option to bail and has allowed the police 14 days to remand and examine all.

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