Amhara Region passes new law


Customarily, Ethiopian men have delighted in more prominent power and status in the public arena than ladies. Men are engaged with completing the work serious errands like furrowing, collecting, grouping, development of homes, exchanging of products, and so on. Ladies are answerable for dealing with the family unit work and for youngsters. The customary sexual orientation jobs have to some degree obscured in cutting edge Ethiopia, particularly in the urban zones. Numerous ladies presently work outside the home. Be that as it may, in any event, working ladies are required to partake in residential exercises while men typically invest their free energy associating outside the home. 


Relationships are for the most part orchestrated, particularly in country zones. The lucky man's family frequently gives a settlement to the lady of the hour's family as cash, domesticated animals, and so on. Huge banquets are held to commend the marriage and the services are held by the traditions of the ethnic gathering to which the couple has a place.

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