Gondar Launches Protest


He goes on altogether too much about "Abiy of Ethiopia, Isaiah of Eritrea and the Adhara patriots" however no notice of 7 or 8 ridiculous rocket assaults on the adjoining State of Eritrean capital, Asmara, which was denounced all through the world. He doesn't specify any of the rocket assaults on the thickly populated urban communities of ONDAR and Barr DAR by any stretch of the imagination. Since he dropped out with his leader, it flabbergasts me how he moved his faithfulness from Eritrean enthusiasm to a partner of a human adversary of Eritrea, the PLF. That is the nature and custom of double crosses wherever in any case. 


He likewise goes on and on about the Adhara patriot's wrongdoing against the Tirana. Be that as it may, he would not like to specify how the PLF dealt with the Adhara for a very long time. He doesn't discuss how the PLF depicted in its Manifesto of the Republic of Tigray that Adhara are the essential adversary of individuals of Tigray. He doesn't need the world to know how native Adhara regions like Maya, Wellies Teed, Dasha and Humeri were added and fused into Tigray, how individuals were detained in underground fortifications and died there. 


In September 2016, the PLF sent two of its security officials and torched 400 shops as detailed in the Ethiopian Reporter Newspaper of 17/09/16 in the city of ONDAR. Both were caught while wanting to make further flames burn ONDAR up, captured with bombs and ignitable materials in their grasp later on. The Guardian of 27 December 2017[viii] discloses to us how the PLF sent its security men into the city of ONDAR to slaughter Colonel Dem eke Boogie, the head of Wellie Adhara. He was saved by individuals of ONDAR who figured out how to stop the death, and the professional killers themselves were slaughtered in the shootout. That was the point at which the ruin of the PLF began. 


The essayist doesn't utter a word about how Adhara detainees were kept in the enclosure with wild creatures, for example, hyenas which destroyed them alive. In their most recent assault, in the wake of slaughtering the fighters of the NDF Northern Division in their beds, the PLF walked directly to the line of the Adhara district to invade it and clear their approach to Addis Ababa. Nonetheless, the Adhara who had been deceived in the past didn't just stand their grounds yet in addition pushed them back and recovered the domains that was added 29 years prior from them. The essayist purposefully tries also how criminal allies across Ethiopia were subtly trained to kill any Adhara found in their areas while PLF was in force and administering Ethiopia for a very long time. In spite of all that proof, he gave up Visayans were really focused on by the Adhara and the injured PLF's common fighters were treated in the emergency clinic of the Adhara area. So, the dictator PLF executioners were depicted as casualties, yet Amaral casualties by the PLF for a very long time were depicted by the person who considers himself a "productive author" as aggressors. There is no ill will between the conventional individuals of Tigray and the Adhara, yet the human adversary of two individuals are the deceiver Tirana Mafia bunch called, the TPF.

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