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Head administrator Abiy Ahmed (PhD) coordinated his macroeconomic change group and the Privatization Advisory Council individuals to continue with the way toward privatizing 40% of Ethio-telecom just as changing the telecom market by giving two specialist organization licenses. The PM coordinated his group on Monday, October 26, 2020 at the last counsel report in the wake of talking about with partners. 


The report was introduced by the Ethiopian Telecommunications Authority (ECA), the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and Ethio-Telecom to the PM and individuals from the macroeconomic just as the warning committee. 


Introducing his report, Balcha Reba, the Director General of the ECA, said interviews were held with different telecom specialist co-ops, ICT specialist organizations, ICT utilizing organizations and specialists in the field. He proceeded to add that conferences were additionally held with the individuals who have raised issues identifying with the similarity of the telecoms area change destinations and the macroeconomic changes including change estimates assumed control in the course of recent years, recurrence groups to be given through offering, framework advancement and foundation development organizations, widespread access and administration, extension and sort of the licenses to be given, the offer cycle just as public meandering. 


As needs be, members requested the similarity of the licensees' exercises in the country with the speculation declaration and guideline. In such manner, concerns were raised with respect to the arrangement that leaves retail organizations to the nearby individuals being penetrated as the licensees will sell sim cards and portable contraption at their shops

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