Prof. Mesfn speech about TPLF


Caught in their ethnic politically-sanctioned racial segregation confine without any alternatives however to give up for the desire of the individuals, their preposterous contention TPLF is real ideological group is adolescent, best case scenario or frantic even under the least favorable conditions not to acknowledge the truth and destroy a Mafia association taking on the appearance of a sole ideological group that speak to Ethiopians in pretend ethnic Tigray Region of the nonexistent Federal Revolutionary Democratic Apartheid system of Ethiopia structured and actualized at weapon point by TPLF warlords themselves. 


Take for example TPLF Mafia new chief and pretend Federal Minster of Communication and Technology Debretsion Gebremichael that consumed his whole grown-up time on earth in an ethnic politically-sanctioned racial segregation fairyland of making Tigray Empire out of the remains of Ethiopia. Recently, in disobedience of the PM of his own gathering; he is telling a shameful lie in the administration change to end TPLF authority and exemption against the individuals of Ethiopia. Include his stateless accomplice Berket Simon that had been taking on the appearance of high ranking representative of the Federal and 'Amhara Region' for 27 long years crying blameless of his violations to show how TPLF warlords and their surrogates are withdrawn to the truth confronting them in a country they prefer not to love and despise once more.

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