David Tsige Reveals His Lover


The convention of cutting holy places out of rock, effectively verified in the past periods, is here taken to an unheard of level. The houses of worship, a few of which are unsupported, for example, Bet Georges (Church of St. George, picture at head of page), have more detailed and all around characterized façades. They incorporate design components roused by structures from the Suite Period. Besides, a few, for example, Bet Maryam, highlight impeccable inside embellishments (above), which are likewise cut out of the stone, just as divider artworks. The insides of the chapels mix Assume components with later components of Copto-Arabic deduction. In Bite Maryam, for instance, the engineering components, for example, the slashed capitals and window outlines—mirror Assuming models (see underneath), though the works of art can be contrasted and those in the middle age Monastery of St. Antony at the Red Sea.

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    I am really, really amazed with the quality of the journalist. She has a unique style. Her confidence, her language, the quality of her questions and even her gestures are all mesmerising. Thanks to her skill, I have come to know Daiwit better. ሁለቱም ይደጉ ይመንደጉ ብያለሁ!