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It's Tuesday Wanderlust at La Lyonnaise, a comfortable French Bistro situated around Bole, scarcely any meters from Sheger Building and handfuls assemble to eat tortilla española and serving of mixed greens. La Lyonnaise hosts these week by week evenings serving an unmistakable dish from a specific country and inundating clients in that nation's way of life for a couple of hours. Tuesday's Spain themed night was the same. 


La Lyonnaise is ordinarily known for karaoke evenings and it's exemplary French menu. It pulls in a customary group energetic about the different diversion it gives. Abel Hailemariam and his better half Therese Metasebia began the occasion, Wanderlust, to give individuals a brief look into the experience of traversing the globe through food. Up until now, the week after week Wanderlust has covered 12 foods from nations like Senegal, Thailand, India, Algeria and Ireland. Food sweethearts that energetically hope to broaden their palates appear to be attracted to the occasion. Melat, 29, has not skipped Wanderlust at Layonnaise for as far back as 3 weeks and says she has delighted in the food massively. She is glad to find out about unfamiliar societies through food. 


All things considered, Wanderlust isn't the program given to worldwide cooking styles in Addis. ViaVia Traveler's Café has been facilitating Street Food Sundays for as far back as a half year to gastronomes in Addis. Chief of ViaVia, Lieke Raes, gets up at 6 AM to set up the dinners herself. Despite the fact that it is hard to locate the correct fixings she figures out how to set up the dinners, which incorporate a vegetarian alternative, two side dishes and natural product or plate of mixed greens. Clients appreciate the assortment while tuning in to a deliberately chose playlist. 

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