Ethiopia: Zehabesha Daily News November 21, 2020


The attitude of TPLF junta that assaulted the Northern Defense Force base and executed slaughter on regular citizens may have radiated from a scope of reasons, Major Mahary Ma'asho, Harar Military Academy/Haile Selassie I Alumni Association part said. 


Major Mahary, who was additionally first Vice Administrator of the Tigray Self-Administrative Region from 1989-1992, expressed that when seen on social brain science point of view, the military assault the TPLF junta executed was not all of a sudden, however a scope of variables are owing to the brutal activity. 


He stated, in any case, the junta is dehumanized and pushed to dissolve its virtues and thoughtful signal after their long remain with coldblooded and savage components where ugliness and murdering others has been a standard, they have saved every one of their qualities and disguise what they have tasted and fail to remember a human component. 


Besides, he added the drawn out teaching, wherein they have been lectured for quite a long time, made them hard to get an alleviation ignoring the ideals of mankind. "They don't have a clue what a wrongdoing is; no dread of God as they don't have religion, moral worth and good resource. Indeed, even they authoritatively said that our memorable adversary is the Ethiopian Orthodox Church." 


"Thirdly, they have swum in an expanse of debasement and theft for near thirty years and amassed unmerited benefit to the detriment of all Ethiopians by and large and Tigraways specifically. I presume that these individuals are given in trillions from Ethiopian adversaries to intermittently destabilize Ethiopia building up a financial sentimentality, I am heartbroken. Would they be able to do?" he added. 


In the fourth spot, Major Mahary further explained that the other reason that pushed them to foul up is obliviousness—their warriors are just agreeable ones and obviously obey request, whenever requested slaughter, they indiscriminately execute individuals. 


On a fundamental level, except if guard power individuals are well outfitted with military order, they can't defend things. In addition, as the junta chiefs and their officers don't realize otherworldly qualities accumulated from strict organizations to brace their ethical basics, they basically slaughter individuals. This is totally being in a condition of obliviousness. 


Major Mahary added that as these individuals don't have social associations and estranged from their own family, neighbors and family members for a significant stretch of time, they have worn fiend crown.

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