"I was kidnapped on my office" Pastor Eyu Chufa


The most recent long periods of our hero were set apart by bitterness, segregation, misery, and dread. This prompted her suffering a heart attack and inaccessible relationship with her mother by marriage. The royal couple, immovably joined together, intensely focused on and secured their five posterity. Alexandra Romanov was a caring mother, enthusiastic spouse, and gave lady. Yet, as Carina, she didn't have the foggiest idea how to have the goods. Most likely in light of the fact that she never needed to be one. Alexandra Romanov simply needed to be content, making the most of her better half and her kids. In any case, her destiny didn't lead her, it had different designs for the wonderful German. 


The conclusion of an important time period written in blood 


The circumstance deteriorated lastly, an upheaval broke out that would end the tsarist system. It was the conclusion of one age and the start of another, similarly as awful or more regrettable than the past one. Socialism had shown up in Russia. Alexandra Romanov and her family were detained by the Bolsheviks. They stayed in separation for a while and were in the end executed. It was 12 PM in July 1918 when they were shot to death, polished off with knifes, dismantled, and taken to a mysterious area. Blazes were an endeavor to eradicate the slaughter. 


This misfortune was continued in later years by the uncertainty and vulnerability of their family members. Secret examinations, many variants, bogus survivors, discoveries, tests, speculations… The Romanov record created such a ruckus that, after a century, it is as yet open. The bodies were discovered many years after the fact. In the wake of directing DNA concentrates with living family members to distinguish them, they were covered. Toward the start of the 21st century, the Russian royal family was sanctified. Nonetheless, right up 'til the present time there are as yet the individuals who guarantee that the authority adaptation isn't dependable. Product of such countless long periods of quietness and lies under the Iron Curtain. The Russian public don't have a clue what to accept.

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