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Despite the fact that it has been attempted, there is no normalized strategy for recording the Amharic language into the Latin.


This phonetic letters in order was physically composed until the coming of the print machine which started to be used in Ethiopia as soon as in 1910.


The beginning of the PC age saw trailblazers like Dr. Molla make programs delivering every glyph of the letters in order with just two keystrokes.


From that point forward, the person set of around 500 glyphs has been normalized by Unicode, an association that gives an extraordinary number to each character.

The Ethiopian letter set has 7 vowels: a (about), u (spoon), I (meat), a (vehicle), e (say), I (kinfolk), and o (tore).


The 33 shapes are changed to call attention to an alternate vowel which follows the base consonant The Amharic language has a place with the Afro-Asiatic language family which incorporates dialects like Arabic, Hebrew and Assyrian.

Amharic is additionally known to be the second most broadly communicated in Semitic language on the planet.


Second just to Arabic, and it involves the old language of Geez as its content, this is known as the Fidel.

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