Funny speech by EmamaZnash


The Ti gray Peoples Liberation Front (TPF) is holding its first phenomenal gathering in quite a while to pass a ultimate conclusion on the merger of the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (PDF) and arrangement of the Prosperity Party. 


1066 TPL individuals and 150 spectators, including delegates from the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, are going to the meeting occurring in a shut meeting in Merely city of northern Ethiopia. 


The two-day uncommon gathering which accept the most elevated intensity of the gathering is relied upon to talk about current, provincial and national issues and convert its standing rules connecting it to the disbanded EPR and reexamine the gathering's projects. 


Talking on the event, TLF seat Debertsion Geberemichael revealed the death PDF and the unprecedented gathering will choose the destiny of TPL and set out its future political plan.

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