New information about Getachew Reda


A huge number of dollars worth of machines acquired by the Ethiopian Railways Corporation (ERC) for Komobolicha-Hara Gebeya Project are decaying because of the nonattendance of power framework. 


The machines were intended to be tried a year ago and by and large make-up four support workshops and stations in Ethiopia. The stops and the workshops, under the responsibility for ERC, are situated at Awash, Shewarobit, Kombolcha, and Hara Gebeya. 


Containing 183 sorts of 701 task hardware and machines, the upkeep terminals and workshops were relied upon to save additional expenses by upgrading and fixing trains. The Kombolcha workshop and Depot is the biggest, lying on 22 hectares of land with a limit of serving 20 cargo and six traveler trains. 


"Since trains need genuine consideration and checking in each outing, such sorts of stops will limit the expense as well as time as well," Abdulkerim Mohammed(Eng.), the Project Manager of Awash Kombolcha Hara Gebeya Railway Project, revealed to The Reporter. 

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