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The Ethiopian culture is one of the most extravagant in the African landmass and has for the most part stayed untainted throughout the long term. Thusly, the Ethiopian social wedding service is an amazing sight! Coming up is a speedy assemblage of what's in store when you go to an Ethiopian wedding!




Telosh is a service that is held two days before the primary wedding. This function is held at the lady's folks' home (or her home) and is regularly celebrated by the lady of the hour and groom and their families. As the husband to be and his family present gifts to the lady of the hour, which as a rule incorporate a wedding outfit and gems, there is a series of acclaim from the visitors. A short time later, every other person who is available gives their gifts to the lady.

The Groom's Arrival


On the wedding morning, the husband to be sets himself up at his home, in the organization of his groomsmen. In the mean time, the bridesmaids accumulate at the lady's family home, where the lady begins to prepare. The relatives likewise get the house ready for the significant guests.

Whenever the man of the hour and his company get to the lady's home, they track down everybody, including the lady, prepared. Individuals in the lady of the hour's home go external singing a customary tune that says they won't give anyone access. As a component of the tomfoolery, the lucky man asks to be allowed in. After a short back-and-forth as melody, the man of the hour is allowed into the house where he strolls to the lady and presents her with roses. The lady recognizes this gift with an embrace and kiss, after which they are accompanied to their vehicle. Everybody then, at that point, goes out, gets into their vehicles and heads off to the following function.

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