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Various components added to the steady impoverishment and decay of the Assume realm. The Arab venture into Northern Africa remove the realm's admittance to the Red-Sea stream (and to the business sectors which could be reached through it and on which a huge piece of the realm's thriving had been based). There is additionally proof to recommend that a portion of the realm's common assets, for example, gold and ivory, had been drained. Almost now is thought about this period of Ethiopian history and researchers even differ on the dates of its start and end. 


The political focus of Ethiopia appears to have bit by bit moved toward the southern and eastern pieces of the Ti gray district (the northernmost of the nine locales of Ethiopia) in the Post-Aksumite period. A couple of temples in these regions have been probably ascribed to this period, yet resulting variations joined with the powerlessness to acquire authorizations to direct archeological overviews make dating troublesome. It appears to be likely that chapels kept on being worked just as (cut) out of rock.

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