I did not expect when I was pregnant


Now that things have changed for the better, she held her first solo exhibition in decades in 1994. “I worked day and night in order to display my paintings; I missed not showing my art for so long,” she says. She started actively participating in several exhibitions with top known and contemporary Ethiopian Artists such as Maitre Artist Afework Tekle.


Desta’s techniques range from the realistic to the semi-abstract and abstract. “Most of my works are semi-abstract and I use Ethiopian landscapes and day-to-day life as my subject matter.” She uses colors wonderfully to make them vibrate as if they have life of their own. The Ethipian Herald in its edition of June 1, 1969 had this to say about the works of Desta.


“…Desta shows both a high degree of technical ability both rare and essential in an artist. She can make you stop and look. She can even make you see…” Indeed, 30 years later, you can observe this unique ability developed into an art that prepossess the viewer wholly.

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