Andargachew Tsige speech about Meles Zenawi and Megnsistu


Egypt was evidently gotten unsuspecting Ethiopia begun redirecting the Blue Nile a month ago, in the midst of attempts to build a hydroelectric dam. 


The waterway is a tributary of the Nile, on which Egypt is intensely reliant. 


The Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is a $4.7bn (£3.1bn) venture that Ethiopia says will in the long run give 6,000 megawatts of intensity. 


It says the Blue Nile will be marginally redirected yet will at that point have the option to follow its regular course. 


"Egypt's water security can't be abused by any means," Mr Morse said on Monday. "As leader of the state, I affirm to you that all alternatives are open." 


"On the off chance that Egypt is the Nile's blessing, at that point the Nile is a blessing to Egypt,'' he stated, citing mainstream colloquialisms about the waterway in an emotive broadcast discourse.

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