The tragic story of a woman who could not find her child


Birthday Midwest, NEE Chairperson, told columnists that all the important arrangements are well in progress. "The Board has been endeavoring to help the country hold sound and dependable decisions utilizing standard materials, in contrast to the past races, and arrangements are working out in a good way in such manner." 


On her part, Juliana Shields, NEE Communications Advisor, expressed that the Board has arranged voting booths, electors' enrollment structures in five neighborhood dialects and bundling materials to ship surveying fixings. 


As per her, a container containing 29 unique things will be shipped off each surveying station. An aggregate of 644 little generators and in excess of 2,500 PCs and tablets would likewise be dispersed to different electorates. 


"The Board has encouraged condition to give close 152,700 people preparing about citizens' enrollments and 254,500 individuals with think what about dealing with the vote projecting cycle, Molina showed. 


Last Friday, Members of the House of Peoples' Representatives including House Speaker Largesse Chao, Deputy Speaker Shitake Finale, and Representatives of House's Sub-Standing Committees held field perception coordinated by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia to observe Board groundwork for leading the impending 6th public general decisions.

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