Egypt celebrate the catastrophe in Ethiopia


Leader of Balderas for Genuine Democracy Eskinder Nega was captured on Wednesday in the capital Addis Ababa. 


Voice of America Amharic help refered to Fekadu Tsega, Federal Prosecutor "trans-outskirt" wrongdoing undertakings Directorate, as saying that Eskinder is captured for supposed endeavor to cause brutality in the capital Addis Ababa. 


His family affirmed to VOA Amharic that Eskinder was captured toward the evening from his office. 


Pundits of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's administration state that Eskinder didn't do anything, and that they are muddled why he was captured. 


Then again, they blame the legislature for neglecting to shield helpless individuals slaughtered in various pieces of Oromo area of Ethiopia. 


A horde swarm utilized sticks and blades for focused killings against non-ethnic Oromo people group in a few towns in the locale. 


The quantity of setbacks that the legislature has affirmed so far has arrived at 81 and 3 of the casualties are supposed to be individuals from Oromo provincial state exceptional police.

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