Tragic LOVE story of the woman



Yosef Ghebrehiwet is fixated on Ethiopia's destruction. He can't expound enough on his own deep yearning to see Ethiopia fall flat, but then he is anything but an Ethiopian as proven from his own record above in citation. As far as he might be concerned, the disappointment of Ethiopia brings him significantly more delight than the accomplishment of Eritrea. What's up with this man? 


The author sets up himself as a sane individual, from which he dispatches his assault on Ethiopia Then quickly goes into his ceaseless unconfirmed allegations of Ethiopia. As far as he might be concerned, Ethiopia is simply "wrong". Presently he has dropped out with his President, Isaiah Artworks, and he groans about him as well. 


The author, Yousef Ghebrehiwet, doesn't have any desire to specify at all the 27-year Ti gray Peoples' Liberation Front (TPF) severe organization of Ethiopia, where such countless individuals were executed in imprisonment, debilitated, ladies assaulted in jail, even men sodomized, unheard before throughout the entire existence of the country. Assault appears to be the public game of the TPF. On November 2019 a staff correspondent of Zega.com detailed how the ladies in Ti gray rampaged to fight the far and wide of assault by the PLF authorities.

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