A little about artist Tilahun Gugsa and his ex-wife Helen


The priest additionally said that the psychological oppressor TPLF is selecting understudies for war. Broad utilization of youngster officers by TPLF, whom the New York Times depicted as profoundly energetic warriors, was standing out as truly newsworthy, albeit the U.S. government and its European partners neglected to censure it. 


In a comparative turn of events, the TPLF allegedly obliterated Nefas Wewucha, from where it was ousted last week with weighty causality, essential medical services office. Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation report says it was altogether obliterated. 


The TPLF has been appreciating what some Ethiopian voices portray as "inferred" support from the United States and the European Union. They have been coming down on the Ethiopian government for a considerable length of time now on supposed grounds of "basic liberties infringement," assault ( which isn't validated at this point) ,and impeding of access for the conveyance of help to the Tigray locale of Ethiopia.

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